General terms


Customer – individual or legal entity interested in the acquisition of any goods or services on the Website
Seller - online store located on the Website
Order - properly executed and paid Customer’s request for the delivery to the specified address of the list of Goods selected on the Website.
Goods - products submitted for sale on the Website.
Website -
1. Registration on the Website
1.1. To place an Order, the Customer should register on the Website.
1.2. The Seller shall not be responsible for the accuracy and correctness of information provided by the Customer in the course of registration.
1.3. The Customer shall not disclose login and password specified during registration to the third parties. If the Customer has any suspicions regarding the security of the login and password or the possibility of their unauthorized use by the third parties, the Customer shall immediately notify the Seller by sending an email to the email address specified on the Website.

2. Ordering
2.1. The Customer places the order independently on the Website of the store.
2.2. When placing the Order, the Customer should provide the following information:
2.3. Name, surname
2.4. Exact address
2.5. Phone number
2.6. Email
2.7. The order is considered completed and is transferred to processing only after payment.
2.8. All informational materials presented on the Website about the properties and characteristics of the Goods are for information only. In case of any questions, the Customer may contact the Seller by email before placing the Order.
2.9. In the absence of the ordered Goods at the Seller’s warehouse, including also for the reasons beyond the Seller’s control, the Seller shall have the right to cancel the Customer’s Order and to notify the Customer by sending an email to the address provided in the course of the registration.
2.1.1. In case of the Order cancellation, the cost of the Goods shall be reimbursed by the Seller to the Customer in the manner in which the Goods were originally paid.

3. Delivery
3.1. Delivery of Goods is carried out by the Seller to the address specified when placing the Order and takes from 2 to 15 business days from the date of payment.
3.2. The Seller shall make every effort to reduce the time of delivery.
3.3. The risk of accidental loss of the Goods or accidental damage to the Goods shall pass to the Customer from the moment of transfer of the Order and signing of the documents confirming the delivery of the Order. In case of non-delivery of the Order, the Seller shall reimburse the Customer for the cost of the paid Order and delivery upon receipt of the confirmation of the loss of the Order from the Delivery Service.
4. Payment for the Order
4.1. The price of the Goods is indicated on the Website. In case of incorrect indication of the price of the Goods ordered by the Customer, the Seller shall inform the Customer thereof to confirm the Order at the modified price or to cancel the Order. In case of impossibility to contact the Customer, this Order shall be considered cancelled and the Seller shall reimburse the amount paid for the Order to the Customer.
4.2. Methods of payment for the Goods are indicated on the Website in the section "Payment".
4.3. The price of the Goods on the Website may be unilaterally changed by the Seller.
4.4. The Seller shall have the right to provide the discounts for the Goods and to apply a bonus program. Types of discounts, bonuses, procedure and terms of application can be unilaterally changed by the Seller.
4.5. The Seller shall have the right to set discounts in order to promote the certain payment method or the delivery of the Goods. In this case, the Seller may limit the conditions of the validity of discounts.

5. General Provisions
5.1. These Terms along with the information about the Goods presented on the Website are a public offer.
5.2. When ordering Goods through the online store, the Customer agrees to the Terms of Sale of Goods.
5.3. The Seller shall reserve the right to introduce changes to these Terms, wherefore the Customer shall regularly check the changes in the Terms.
5.4. When placing an Order, the Customer shall be obliged to get acquainted with the General Terms of use, terms of delivery, payment, return and confirm the consent in the appropriate field. In case of disagreement with these rules, ordering shall not be possible.

6. Responsibility
6.1. The Seller shall not disclose information received from the Customer.
6.2. The Seller shall not be liable for damage caused to the Customer due to improper use of the Goods ordered on the Website.
7. Return of Goods
The Customer may return the Goods or cancel the Order. For that you need to send an email or to call us within 14 business days from the moment of delivery of Goods (the signature on the carrier’s receipt is the proof of the delivery date).
7.1. Return of Goods is possible in the following cases:
7.1.1. If the Seller has sent the Goods of improper quality.
7.1.2. If the Seller has sent the Goods in the improper configuration.
7.1.3. If the Seller has sent the Goods that do not correspond to the description and technical characteristics indicated on the Website.
7.2. Return of Goods is not possible in the following cases:
7.2.1. If the Customer has used the Goods other than intended.
7.2.2. If the Goods has been used, stained, broken, scratched or otherwise damaged.
7.2.3. If the appearance, consumer properties or the original packaging have been damaged.
7.2.4. When returning the Goods, the Buyer shall be obliged to pack the parcel in such a way that the Goods and the original packaging of the Goods are not damaged during transportation.
• Return of Goods without original packaging is not allowed!
• It is prohibited to use the original packaging of the Goods as the packaging for the parcel!
• It is prohibited to use adhesive tape that is stuck on the original packaging!
• It is prohibited to use any stickers and labels that do not correspond to the original packaging!
In case of non-observance of one or several of the above-mentioned rules, no claims shall be accepted and no money shall be reimbursed!
7.3. In case of return of the Goods, the Seller shall return the paid cost to the Customer in the manner in which the Goods were originally paid.
7.3.1. The amount paid for delivery is not refundable. Only the amount paid for the Goods is refunded.
7.3.2 Postage costs associated with the return of Goods shall be covered by the Customer.
7.3.3 The Seller shall have the right to refuse the return of Goods by the buyer or the payment of compensation if the Goods are not in the original packaging, there are visible traces of use, the returned Goods have been used, the seals or tags are broken, the packaging has serious damage, the protective film is torn off, there are scratches, grease stains, dirt and other defects.