Is item available in stock?

All our goods are divided into 3 statuses:

1. In stock.

This status is awarded to those goods that are available in stock and their quantity is known. Processing and dispatch of this category of goods will take 24 hours.

2. Processing time and dispatch within 2-15 business days.

This category of goods is awarded to those goods that are available in the warehouse of the manufacturer or supplier, but we do not know the precise quantity. In this case, the processing and dispatch of the goods will take up to 15 business days, provided that the item or the delivery conditions are not specific. If the goods are not available, we will notify you about that within one business day.

3. Not available

This category of goods is not available in the warehouses of the manufacturers or suppliers. In this case, we will either offer you a high-quality analogue or, upon your request, will deliver customized goods. Please feel free to send our specialist a request to or fill out the form in the section VIN-Request.


Which is the Procedure of Delivery of your Goods?

We calculate and provide data on the weight and volume of your order. Further two options are available:

1) We send you the order by post.

2) Courier. Our company cooperates with the world's leading courier services, such as DHL, UPS, EMS, DPD.

There are about 2 million items in our store, and the system does not always recognize their weight and size. In this case, we will inform about the value of your purchase along with the delivery cost by email.