About Us

The team Autoparts1.com consists of highly qualified and active employees with extensive experience on the international trading platforms. Therefore, our team efficiently solves the problems related to sale and delivery of spare parts around the world. The main difference of Autoparts1.com from other online stores is that our business is based on individual approach to each client. We specialize in the goods with original configuration and their high-quality equivalents for the secondary market. We find excellent solutions for all clients - from young drivers and motorsport enthusiasts to owners of small garages and specialists of the companies that are selling spare parts.

Is item available in stock?

All our goods are divided into 3 statuses:
1. In stock.
This status is awarded to those goods that are available in stock and their quantity is known. Processing and dispatch of this category of goods will take 24 hours.
2. Processing time and dispatch within 2-15 business days.
This category of goods is awarded to those goods that are available in the warehouse of the manufacturer or supplier, but we do not know the precise quantity. In this case, the processing and dispatch of the goods will take up to 15 business days, provided that the item or the delivery conditions are not specific. If the goods are not available, we will notify you about that within one business day.
3. Not available
This category of goods is not available in the warehouses of the manufacturers or suppliers. In this case, we will either offer you a high-quality analogue or, upon your request, will deliver customized goods. Please feel free to send our specialist a request to info@autoparts1.com or fill out the form in the section VIN-Request.
Which is the Procedure of Delivery of your Goods?

We calculate and provide data on the weight and volume of your order. Further two options are available:
1) We send you the order by post.
2) Courier. Our company cooperates with the world's leading courier services, such as DHL, UPS, EMS, DPD.
There are about 2 million items in our store, and the system does not always recognize their weight and size. In this case, we will inform about the value of your purchase along with the delivery cost by email.

What type of payment is accepted by your company?

We accept Bank Transfer, VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal.

I received the parcel, and it is damaged - what should I do?

If you have noticed that the courier is trying to deliver the damaged parcel at the post office, please fill out the form or do not agree to the receipt in this case. Please notify us on the same day, and we will try to send you a replacement within the shortest possible period of time.

Will the spare part fit?
If you are not sure of your choice and you have doubts about whether the spare part fits or not, please feel free to email us or fill out the form in the section VIN-Request. Our specialists will try to answer you as soon as possible.
Where the parcel is sent from?
We send the parcels from our warehouse in Latvia. The warehouse is not available for the visits, but the entire range of goods is available for purchase on our web site.
Which is the procedure of the return of goods?

It may sometimes happen that the goods are damaged during transportation, may be defective, unconformable by power, modification, dimensions, etc. Therefore, we are happy to make you aware of our return policy:
-You have 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of goods to complete a return.
- The goods should be new, without a trace of use and should contain all the details of the original complete set.
- The goods should be in their original, undamaged packaging. It is not allowed to stick any postal labels or sticky tapes to the packaging.
-You should have a check or invoice for the goods.
-Your return should be authorized by our manager.

To authorize your return or for a different reason related to the return of goods, please write us to info@autoparts1.com.
Attention!!! Custom-made goods are non-refundable!!!
Which is the procedure of the refund?

We will notify you that we have received your goods. The goods will be tested for operability before the refund. We will immediately notify you of the result of this test.
When the test reveals that everything is in order, the money will be sent to your bank card (or another originally chosen payment method) in full amount on the same day.

Which is the procedure of the reimbursement of costs for the return of goods?
- You are responsible for the reimbursement of the costs of sending of the goods back.
- Costs of delivery are refunded only in case of the defective goods.
Do you have original spare parts?

We offer the original spare parts for the vehicles that are used for assembly on a conveyor and are recommended by the manufacturer of vehicles. We also offer a wide range of high-quality analogues that not only meet the quality to the original spare parts, but also sometimes even exceed it.

Are there any discounts in your store?
You can view al discounts on our website in the section “Discounts”.
Do you have a warranty for spare parts?
All goods are warranted by the manufacturers, as evidenced by the fact that any spare part should  be replaced in case of malfunction, or the buyer gets a refund.
Where is your company located?
Latvia, one of the member states of the European Union.
Our company is located in Riga, the capital of Latvia.
All companies registered in Latvia are the payers of a single European tax. The location of our company allows us to be efficient in the logistics and banking sectors. This makes it possible to offer our clients and partners more flexible prices and delivery terms.